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Enjoy a cup of delicious freshly brewed coffee or tea in the outdoors with your camping french press. Light and ultra-portable, this backpacking coffee maker is an essential for any adventurer who enjoys a warm cup of backcountry coffee to start their morning, or a hot cup of tea while they're sitting around the campfire in the evening. 


  • French press-style for brewing coffee in the backcountry
  • Press unscrews to pack flat
  • Works with multiple Primus brand pots
  • Invented in Sweden


    Lite+ Coffee/Tea Press
    open size: 3.5 x 4.3" | weight: 1.4oz
    fits: Lite Stove System & Lite Plus Stove System


    An easy way for a “coffee break” anytime, anywhere. This collapsible and lightweight press turns select Primus pots into french presses.

    The BPA Free plastic lid screws into one end of the post while a mesh screen connects to the other side. Store assembled in the pot or dismantle for ease of packing with all the other stove accessories.

    Available in two sizes. Coffee/Tea Press for Lite & Lite Plus for 2 cups of coffee fits the Lite Plus and Lite Stove Systems. The Coffee/Tea Press for LiTech Trek Kettle serves 4 cups and works with the Lite XL (2022 model), the Trek Pot 1.0L, the Trek Pot Set, the Essential Trek Pot 1.0L, and the Essential Trek Pot Set.

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