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A double-walled traditional coffee mug that travels from your house to the campground.


  • Made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel that doesn’t impart or retain flavor
  • Double-wall design keeps your drink hot or cold
  • Traditional coffee mug silhouette
  • Large mouth opening is easy to fill and clean


size: 0.2L  |  volume: 7oz  |  dimensions: 2.8"x 3"  |  weight: 3.9oz


Always have your favorite coffee mug available with this durable, double-wall cup. The polished high-quality mug keeps morning campfire coffee hot and nightcaps cold.

Made for your outdoor needs (or even everyday use) this 18/8 food grade stainless steel mug is made to travel and won’t pick up or give off any flavors along the way. A streamlined handle is roomy enough to use with gloves during early morning hot drinks, or without gloves when sipping a cocktail around the campfire. Double-wall construction offers the benefit of keeping your coffee steaming hot without burning your lips.

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