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Physicists and chemists work hand-in-hand with textile engineers and athletes to develop better material contact surfaces and thus push the effectiveness of climbing skins to the highest level. Pomoca technologies, the lightest in the market, create perfect skin-to-ski, skin-to-snow stick, and solid tip and tail fixation. Pomoca's skin cutter comes in the box. FEATURES: Pomoca Tech Velvet: Unique Pomoca Climbing Formula: 70% mohair, 30% nylon Membrane: Skin light (best in lightness and waterproof) Glide treatment: An exclusive glide process results in extra glide with less effort. The skins glide and resist moisture more effectively and feature a unique anti-glopping performance. Glue: Pomoca glue formula (best for handling, no paper needed) Tip Fixation: Specific front fixation piece with Blizzard logo

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