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From first lift to last run, backcountry or park, Atomic Four Pro HD goggles are for every all-mountain adventure. With HD Lens Technology, micro-crystals in the lens divide light into its 6 spectral colors, enhancing the blue and red layers for insane depth perception and visibility in all light conditions. The Cylindrical Double Lens and Large Fit give you a huge field of vision. Our Sealed Lens System shuts out wind and water to eliminate condensation and fogging and makes switching in the spare lens easy. Plus, the Live Fit Frame molds to your face for an individual, custom fit. And with OTG Lite grooves in the frame to sit over prescription glasses, the goggles are made for everyone, and everywhere.


Hydrophobic Lens Coating

A durable coating that repels moisture, grease and dirt: clear visibility no matter the conditions.

Anti-fog Inner Lens (AC)

Anti-fog properties helping you see better and ski better in all conditions.

Over The Glasses (OTG LITE)

Extra grooves on the frame for prescription eyewear, but a design that also works for all skiers.

Adaptive LF Tri-Layer Face Foam

Memory Face Foam + standard face foam + a quick-drying fabric layer. Instantly molds to your face.

Silicone-coated Strap

Silicone on the inside of your strap means it doesn’t move or ride up the back of your helmet.

Large Fit

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