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As day turns to night this compact light combo that will help keep you seen. Pairing the KTV Drive front and rear lights this package sets you up for low-light commutes. Each light uses 2 LEDs set into an engineered reflector that maximizes your visibility. Easy USB-charging comes via the integrated plug, simply pop off the rear cover and plug your light right into any standard USB port and you’re charging, no cable needed.

  • Front light has 5 lighting modes, 2 in steady and 3 in flashing; steady: 70 lumens (2h), 15 lumens (10h), flash 1–30 lumens (13.25h), flash 2–15 lumens (20h) and day flash–200 lumens (6.5h)
  • Rear light has 5 lighting modes, 2 in steady and 3 in flashing; steady: 10 lumens (4.5h), 3 lumens (12.5h), flash 1–10 lumens (12.5h), flash 2–5 lumens (20h) and pulse–10 lumens (7h)
  • Easy 1-button interface takes you through all your light’s modes
  • Precisely tuned optics focus the power of each light’s 2 LEDs to maximize visibility
  • Cut-outs at the lens of the front light provide side illumination, keeping you seen from the side
  • Integrated USB plug means you don’t need to carry a charging cable – full charging takes ~3 hours per light
  • LED charging indicator lets you know light needs charging, when it’s charging and when it’s ready to go
  • Silicone, tool-free mounting straps. Front light also has an integrated clip to mount it to a pack or a dog collar
  • IPX7 waterproofing protects your light from heavy downpours

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