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Always have a set of chopsticks with you because some food are best eaten with them.


  • Made from bulletwood and brass
  • Two detachable parts to make packing and storing easy
  • Cotton storage bag included 


dimensions: 9.8 x 0.3” | packed dimensions: 9.8 x 0.3” | weight: 0.8oz


Some meals are best eaten with the proper utensils so make sure to always have a set of chopsticks with you. Store this travel friendly compact set in your car, backpack, or camp storage box so no matter where you choose to eat your sushi, pho, or noodles you can have a nice set of chopsticks on hand.

Made of food-grade bullet wood and brass, these chopsticks are sturdy even when holding a pile of noodles. When the meal is over, the Campfire Chopsticks unscrew to break down and fit into the pocket friendly storage sack.

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