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The Arctica insulated bottle keeps your drink at the right temperature until 2.5 hours. 

Its odourless material reduces any changes to the smell or taste of its contents. It is convenient to carry, either on a bike or in a bag. It is made using three layers to maintain the heat or the cold.

Mounting instructions

This bottle has a narrowing in its central part which has the double function of facilitating the grip and ensuring a better holding in the bottle cage. Make sure that it is correctly positioned: the bottom of the bottle in contact with the bottom stop of the bottle cage and the top stop at this narrowing.

Maintenance instructions

Rinse with water after using. Dishwasher safe. Store with lid open. For easy cleaning, we have designed a wide mouth bottle and a hand removable nozzle.


Product designed by our R&D department in France, and made in our factory, in France.

Quality commitment

All of our bottles are regularly subjected to food-safety tests by specialised independent agencies in Europe, the USA and Japan. At the end of the product's life, for better recycling, we advise you to separate each element. The teat should be removed from the lid by hand. The various components should be taken to a waste collection centre, where they can be reprocessed in the appropriate channels. Hydration with a sustainable bottle helps to decrease its environmental footprint and save money by using tap water rather than bottled water.

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